PaperOne Copy Paper

PaperOne Copy Paper

PaperOne Copy Paper

    Substance G/M2 80 + – 2.5

    Substance Variation Cd

    Thickness Difference Cd % Equal To/Below 10

    Brightness % 100-102

    Opacity % Equal To/Below 90

    Breaking Length Average M Equal To/Above 3200 8 Smoothness Average Of Two Sides G 20-25 Variation Of Two Sides % Equal To/Below 30


​PaperOne A4 Copy Paper is developed for the most demanding inkjet and laser printers as well as low/high volume copiers and fax machines in order to meet the demands on print-ability and run-ability. The paper has omni-direction copying ability. The paper is also suitable for preprint in offset. In high demand by schools and offices presently